Del is extremely talented and passionate about his work. He was very supportive and sensitive with my daughter when dealing with her trauma following a break in at our house.

My daughter has come so far since her sessions and is now sleeping through the night which is a miracle! Thank you so much Del for your help and patience in achieving our goal.

Sina Patel
After a very rocky start to secondary school, we decided to take Dukesy to see Del for some help. Since his sessions Dukesy has turned over a whole bush not just a new leaf! Ha ha.

The last 4 weeks have been amazing and we've gone from receiving detention letters, to receiving award and merit letters! More importantly, his kindness and compassion is really showing, and he feels so proud of himself. So thank you for everything Del, your sessions with him are a huge part of his turnaround. He's always quoting you! Thank you so much!

Catherine Medina-Lorenzo

I feel really proud of myself and happy for my achievements. I think a lot of this is because of Del. I found the sessions very enhancing and I hope I can progress more in the future using Del's methods.

Dukesy Medina-Lorenzo

"I took my daughter to see Del after many months of her struggling to go to school.

In one session Del was able to understand her anxiety and offer a coping mechanism in a language she could relate to. With time she has been able to master these tools and goes to school much happier.

I will gladly use Del again in the future if needed and would wholeheartedly recommend him to parents with concerns."


"During the sessions my daughter had with Del he gave her techniques and tools to help her deal with and understand how she was feeling. This has helped her to gain confidence and cope better with situations that she was struggling in.

Del is supportive, understanding and explains things clearly, which made it easy for my daughter and I to feel comfortable talking to him."

Kelly Hosford

"My first meeting with Del was over the phone due to locations of where I live (Midlands area) and from the very first minute I felt completely comfortable and at ease. It felt like he was someone that I had known for a long time and we chatted for almost 2 hours, not once did I feel like I was worried about what to say. He has the character, compassion and personality to be able to connect with anyone and any personality! He made me feel like a friend.

I have been studying for the last 12 Months and had taken my exams both written and practical, however on the first occasion I failed one, in fact I had failed it twice. This caused me much anxiety as I only had one final chance to take it before I had failed the course and would have to re-sit it all again. (not to mention the cost)

Dels suggestions and coaching helped me gain focus and confidence in the task ahead. My revision was easier and more natural. I felt excited and ready to take the exam, in fact I couldn't wait! I took the exam, I felt very relaxed throughout and actually enjoyed it. 5 days later I got the call I had been waiting for, I passed!!"

Sherrien Gibson

“My sessions with Del helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I was in a crisis. I was in trouble and I didn't know where to turn. The medical profession in this country was not helping me and at times just leaving me on phone lines and then sending me to unhelpful or uninspiring counsellors, who didn't have a clue about my needs and didn't even have the good grace to remember my name or my situation on repeat visits.”

“Del came to help me and my difficulties and with NLP sessions, you Del my friend, saved me! You turned my thinking around to start reprogramming my brain, this amazing tool we have. I always felt really uplifted and positive after our sessions and when I am thinking in a positive frame of mind I have noticed the changes around me how people react or respond to me, when I'm thinking more positively, people respond to me in a more cheerful way.”

“We also did work on what I would like in a relationship and focussed on the qualities that I would like in my partner etc. Within a couple of months of our sessions I met the love of my life”.

“I also see what my mother was trying to teach me in the past and that she was a very forward thinking woman, I see where she was going and realise how fortunate I am, to have had these gifts, I was a lucky girl and still am. I appreciate the things in my life much more now. Del helped me to find peace with her and myself, whilst I come to terms, deal with and understand the parts of my life that were not so ideal because of all the suppressed hurt and pain.”

“I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, so I thank you Del for your help. When I felt I had no-one else to turn to I found you and our sessions helped turn my life around and get me back on a more positive track and I now know things are going to be alright from here on in.”

My deepest respect to you

Penny Merlin-Woods

Before my sessions with Del I was in a bad place, a domino effect of things lead me to seeking help. I was willing to try this and I didn't really know what to expect and was a bit sceptical of the results as most of us always are. I felt so 'stuck in my ways' and 'aware of my own mind' and was unsure that the change was possible.

After the very first meeting with Del I was already feeling more positive, as if a light was being shown at the end of a very long tunnel.

Some dark things of my past were discussed, and I was asked 'how did it serve me?' well, none of it did, yet I was living my life as if all my issues ruled me. Del (forgive the cliché) opened my eyes and made me realise that I could draw a line on my past and start doing things for me and start to create something in my life free from the negativity that seemed to be so common.

After a few more sessions we covered various emotions that I really didn't deal with so well in the past. I now seem to be able to shrug off things that would once have stopped me in my tracks and caused a recurrence of the old behaviours which never served me.

I'm still slightly amazed when a situation pops up that I can now just deal with. Don't get me wrong, I still feel challenged sometimes and still feel upset if things cross my path that are upsetting and that's just plane normal! I see that now and I feel I've been given the tools to pick myself up and sort myself out when I need to.
For that, I'm eternally grateful!!!!


“Throughout my life I'd always battled to be happy and felt as though each attempt I was being knocked back by disaster after disaster and became accustom to the idea that I simply would never find happiness. My outlook was negative to say the least and my self worth was at a low. Id never been a believer of hypnotherapy, or any form of counselling in the slightest and up until meeting Del I'd always just believed that things were as they were, after all what can talking about it change?

After talking to Del he persuaded me to try Time Line Therapy™ so I caved in and decided to give it a go. All I can say now is that it is possibly the best decision I've ever made. My outlook on life has changed, I know exactly what I want in life and I aim to get it. People who have known me for years have commented on the change in my general persona, my positivity and confidence. There's no looking back for me now, I just wish I'd have done it sooner.”

Natasha Antonakis Taylor

"I was probably the biggest sceptic of NLP that you could meet. There were many issues in my life that needed delving into. I decided to get some help on a phobia I had, to see if this kind of therapy could indeed

Del explained what we were going to do. It was so interesting, nothing like I expected.

We explored feelings and where they came from. Del then did something quite amazing. He swiped the slate clean on how I would react in the face of my phobia. He gave me the ability to choose how I would respond when challenged. He gave me back the control.

Now when confronted, I get to stop and choose. The difference is so noticeable. I would highly recommend Del as he is excellent"

Carey Angel-Wal

"Before meeting Del I felt confused, lost and looking for answers as to why I was feeling so emotional in situations. My trust in myself was becoming challenging and I found myself questioning my responses.

After my sessions with Del I've started to feel a lot more positive and happy. I've become more aware of the root causes of these emotions and feel the sessions have given me a completely different and positive way to looking at and dealing with ‘emotional' situations.

Thank you Del."