What is good communication?

Good communication skills are essential for children in learning and growing.

Learning how to express their feelings, ideas and needs may come naturally to some children, while others may struggle to make themselves heard. Teaching good communication skills to our children, regardless of their age, will help prepare them for success as an adult.

At Child Therapy London we know that communication is essential to human interaction and anyone with communication issues will often lack the needed skills in order to perform effectively, which in turn can lead to a range of social and behavioural issues.

For most of us communication is as normal as breathing and we often take it for granted just how difficult it can be for others to learn these types of skills, especially in our younger generation.

Mastering communication is something that can be taught and through the processes we teach at Child Therapy London we assist them into finding the best way for them to learn by tapping into their already natural learning skills. This in turn improves confidence and self-belief along with personal development and gives them more tools in the box to achieve more throughout their growth as a child and adult.

Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences much quicker. With improved communication we build trust and respect, and can create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection, and caring can flourish. As simple as communication seems, much of what we communicate and what others try to communicate to us, gets misunderstood, which can cause conflict and frustration in our personal and professional relationships. By learning a more effective way to communicate, you can better connect with your teachers, kids, friends, family and peers.

Del Walsh