Welcome to Child Therapy London where we have a number of centres in and around London.

Our workshops and one2one sessions are designed and adopted from the effective techniques in NLP, EFT, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy to help children and teens become better equipped to manage their own emotional and behavioural states and to become inspired and motivated by the learning opportunities that are offered to them.

The style of child therapy and techniques we use are delivered in a way that is fun and comprehensible for children and teens, encouraging them to co-operate more effectively with other students as well as improving their confidence and commitment when working individually.

The work we do at Child Therapy London is all about giving children and teens the skills to deal with real life problems.

We coach them in order to change the way they perceive problems allowing them to change the way they feel about problems which in turn prevents it from holding them back with almost immediate results.

The unique processes used within NLP, EFT, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy is also about helping young people reach their full potential and to make a meaningful impact out in our society.

These unique styles of child therapy have maximum impact and huge results in such short spaces of time.

Children and teens are open to change more than adults, as their minds are more open to the idea of improvement. They have generally not received the same ‘conditioning' from life yet that adults have. This means that results occur much quicker when working with young people.

Some treatments covered are:

Goal Setting
Sleeping Disorders
Exam Stress
Bad Habits
Emotional Imbalance
Low Confidence and Low Self Esteem
Learning Issues
Anger Management
Weight Challenges
Fears & Phobias
Personal Development
Career Advice
Improving Communication

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