Child & Teen Therapy Specialists

Child Therapy London provide personal breakthrough sessions and practical solutions to help children overcome emotional challenges.
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Our workshops and one2one sessions are designed and adopted from the effective techniques in NLP to help children and teens become better equipped to manage their own emotional states and to become inspired and motivated by the learning opportunities that are offered to them.

The style of child therapy and techniques we use are delivered in a way that is fun and comprehensible for children and teens, encouraging them to co-operate more effectively with other students as well as improving their confidence and commitment when working individually.

The work we do at Child Therapy London is all about giving children and teens the skills to deal with real life problems. To change the way they perceive the problem and how they let it affect them and prevent it from holding them back with almost immediate results. It is also about helping young people reach their full potential and make a meaningful impact out in our society.

Our unique style of child therapy has maximum impact and huge results in such short spaces of time.

Children and teens are open to change more than adults as their minds are more open to the idea of improvement. They have not received the same ‘conditioning' from life that adults have. This means that results occur much more quickly when working with young people.
"During the sessions my daughter has had with Del he has given her techniques and tools to help her deal with and understand how she was feeling. This has helped her to gain confidence and cope better in situations that she was struggling with.
Del is supportive, understanding and explained things clearly, which made it easy for my daughter and I to feel comfortable talking to him."

Kelly Hosford

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"on life has changed, I know exactly what I want in life and I aim to get it. People who have known me for years have commented on the change in my general persona, my positivity and confidence. There's no looking back for me now, I just wish I'd have done it sooner.”

Natasha Antonakis-Taylor

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